to draw like Heather

Heather Ross has me extremely jealous.
Now--I must go home and draw with my bamboo.
And try be like her.


to make

What does a girl do when she quits her job,
moves to a  new town,
moves in with her boyfriend,
has a stash of crafts big enough to fill a gym,
and has some time before school starts?

She must craft. A lot. 
Mostly to get rid of said stash
and to hopefully make some money
from my hand made goodness.

from the locals

My sister, momma and I
are all in on this project
to make new projects we have never tried before
and we can only use things we already have.
this from pickles is my first project. I'm using four strands of different shades of pink.
I want to try a bag like in the first picture--or at least that concept.
I love how the hat in second picture looks so  thick and cozy
and I have never made a pom pom on a hat before.

I think I'm going to take a ceramics
class this spring.
I want to make buttons, candle holders, and dishes.

from panopoly on etsy. 


to thrift.

i haven't stepped foot in a thrift store fot what seems like ever.
but now, i need some spring  and summer additions
luckily, i snagged some free wifi  
and got lost in over seas street style 

all from


some inspiration

nicci you should do this in a few years

All from Decembers past on emma's design blog