wildflowers and clouds..purples, blues and greens

purples, blues and greens happen to be my grandma reids favorite color combinations. she used them often in different hues for her hand stiched quilts. lately this palette has been popping up all around me... a tiny hint that spring will come.


here are some more peices in my collection. they were stowed away in the corner and forgot about them when i took pictures of the inventory :) these were found in lincoln city, oregon


rooms and rooms

nicci & friends..pretty much just kylie i think, i get dibs on this color scheme neither of you can use it if you get knocked up :) MUAH!

kylie please note the wicker elephant laundry hamper

im dead set on having robins egg blue walls with that yellow.

with this hanging bookshelf

all via apartment therapy


what isnt to love

so i made my monthly goodwill rounds got some great peices AND scored such cute shoes! ha NICCI!! what did you pay for those? 30 or something? 8 bucks baby. Another reason why i love target, they apparently donate to goodwill... what a terrific combination.

Also i took stock of my inventory i guess i'll call it. see i have an addiction to buying kitchen and housewares. i just love it all, and they its useful..even though everything is tucked away right now. waiting for me and cody to move in together and then they will get all to shine.

I have plenty already for the two of us, but i know that wont stop me from buying more.

It was a fun a couple of hours, 1c. & 1/2c. you will be missed


day trip

When Cody came to visit we drove up to Mcminville to pick up derrick and then headed out to the ocean. This day was the first pretty day in a while, and it was absolutley gorgeous..So much fun climbing on rocks and playing with derricks rugby ball.. Lunch was eaten at Mo's i wish i was more seafood adventurous, but I think cody more than makes up for my lack of seafood love.