more of my first

Meet Allyson-once just my friends sister, now a friend and Tyghe... the young young love birds that were brave enough to let a newbie shoot their entire wedding alone...Allyson was the farthest thing from a bridezilla-so that made it very relaxing. Thank you two for letting me be a part of it! Congratulations!!

it was love at first sight for me and these adorable great grandparents..they arrived respectfully early and outlasted all other couples during the anniversary dance..

63 years for these two.. i wonder what the day was like for them when he slipped that ring on her finger


busy bee

This was an amazing weekend for me. Friday night was Alyssa and Shanes wedding. I went to take candid shots as well as to wrangle the kids. Saturday was Allyson and Tyghes big day. This was my first wedding all by myself!! Scary at first, but so much fun! Soon to come are pictures from Theos first birthday! bullfrogs and cupcakes such a fun birthday party


Diana F+

so these are my first colored 120 film prints. Color is definitely the way to go when it comes to the diana. These pictures are from our trip to Omak. This trip for some reason seemed to have a western theme throughout the week..rylan got a cowboy hat..we hit ever western store in a 20 mile radius and me and nic got to have an afternoon on the back country roads to green lake ...i loved growing up in a beautifully simple country side....until i started wanting to do more in day then just throw rocks at cars :)